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Piyush Goyal Tweet

(Railway Minister)

Flagging off the Inaugural run of the Jaleswar-Hawrah MEMU train , at Jaleswar station .

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Western Indian Railways: Western zone of Indian Railways has suffered Rs 5,000 crore last year due to a pandemic.
Posted On: 01-03-2021

Western Zone of the Indian Railways has got loss of around Rs 5,000 crore due to the pandemic. Alok Kansal, General Manager of Western  Railways, has said in the PTI report that still people are not traveling by trains due to fear of the COVID-19 pandemic. The western zone of...

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  Indian  Railways: Railways Passengers can now also book their tickets through mobile app .
Posted On: 26-02-2021

Indian Railways has announced good news for the passengers of the Indian Railways. Indian Railways has again started the facility of ticket booking via mobile app. the Indian Railways has enabled UTS ON mobile app for booking of the unreserved tickets in zonal railways where unreserved trains services are done....

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  Indian Railways: Indian Railways stops the operations of unnecessary travel due to the pandemic spreading again in various states of the country.
Posted On: 25-02-2021

  Indian Railways is operating only 65% of total mail and express trains. Indian Railway minister has stated that Indian Railways has increased the railway's fares to reduce unnecessary travel. 90% of the suburban train services have been operated by the Indian Railways. The railway minister has also said that...

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DFCCIL: Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India has invited private players to become a part of the "roll-on, roll-off" service. 
Posted On: 23-02-2021

DFCCIL has floated a tender for the construction of the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor between the Palanpur to Rewari. so, DFCCIL is inviting private players to become a part of this project. The DFCCIL states have issued the request for a proposal for one year. It will start working in...

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Karnataka: Several Railway projects including the doubling of tracks have been launched recently in Karnataka.    
Posted On: 22-02-2021

   Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has started different projects in the state of Karnataka in India. From Gubbi to Nittur, doubling of tracks have done under this project. Under this project, various 15 bridges have been also made. Various facilities for the passengers have been also developed in this project....

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 Indian Railways: Nine bidders have been invited for the Indian Railways project of the high-speed Mumbai-Ahmedabad Corridor.
Posted On: 20-02-2021

Last year,  Indian Railways had invited bids for the Indian Project on 22nd October. Then various companies including KEC International, Patel Infrastructure, and SCC-VRS " participated in the Indian Railway project of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Corridor. The estimated cost of this project is around Rs. 500 crore. Various maintenance activities like...

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Rail Roko: 'Rail Roko' called by farmers from 12 pm to 4 pm across the country.
Posted On: 19-02-2021

The Samukta Kisan Morcha, a farmer union called the 'Rail Roko' to fulfill its demands against the government. The farmer union has declared that the 'Rail Roko' will be called between 12 pm to 4 pm across the entire country. It spreads very minimal impact on the Indian Railways services....

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Indian Railways: Indian transport is going to start unreserved mail, express special trains for the comfort of the public from 22nd February 2021.
Posted On: 18-02-2021

Indian Railways has decided to run 35 more trains from 22nd February 2021 for the comfort of the passengers. These trains will include unreserved mails and express trains that will run from 22nd February 2021. Union Minister Piyush Goyal has shared the list of these trains that are going to...

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Indian Railways: Indian Railways to introduce new Tejas trains with facilities for long-distance travellers.
Posted On: 17-02-2021

Indian Railways are going to add more facilities to the trains to facilitate passengers who travel long distances. Indian Railways is moving forward to make Indian Railways trains more comfortable for the passengers. New Tejas trains will be introduced with more facilities like sleeper coaches. These coaches will include a...

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Indian Railways: Two projects, Chennai Beach-Attipattu 4th line, and electification have been inaugurated in Tamilnadu.
Posted On: 15-02-2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently inaugurated two rail projects in the south region of India Tamil Nadu to make India 'AatamNirbhaar'. These two projects include Chennai Beach - Attipattu fourth railway line and the electrification of Villupuram - Thanjavur - Thiruvarur single line sections. The fourth railway line of...

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Indian Railways: Indian Railways will restart more passenger trains in the month of April.
Posted On: 13-02-2021

 Indian Railways Ministry has said that they are going to restart more trains throughout the country. Indian Railways has already started 65% of the trains. As we have noted earlier that the Indian Railways has stopped the operations of the trains due to the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. But...

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 Indian Railways: There is good news for the passengers of the Indian Railways. Indian Railways is going to restart all passenger trains soon.
Posted On: 12-02-2021

The Indian Railways is going to restart more trains across the country to meet the needs of the passengers. Currently, only 65 percent of the trains are running across the country. More than 250 trains have started in January. Now more trains are going to restart by the Indian Railways....

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  Indian Railways: Indian Railways is going to develop third AC coaches with friendly features.
Posted On: 11-02-2021

  New designs of passenger coaches have been developed by Indian Railways. The number of berths has also been increased now in the passenger coaches. The high voltage electric switchgear now installed below under the frame to make the space for the berths in the passenger coaches. This has been done...

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Fist Kisan Rail: Southern Central Railway has started first Kisan Rail from the state of Telangana.
Posted On: 10-02-2021

First Kisan Rail has been started by the Southern Central Railway zone recently from the state of Telangana. Total 150 Kisan trains are operated in India. In these trains, about 50,000 tonnes of goods reached new markets. First Kisan Rail started from Telangana on 8 February 2021. These Kisan trains...

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Eastern Railways: "Eastern Railways will become completely electrified by Dec 2023," said Piyush Goyal.
Posted On: 09-02-2021

Indian Railways is going to invest 19811.7 crores in infrastructural works in the Eastern Railway zone. Namita-New Farakka Railway station in West Bengal has become complete 100 percent electrification. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has said that The Indian Railways is going to complete its aim of complete electrification by 2023....

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Indian Railways: Indian Railways's operating ratio will be improved by the national transporter.
Posted On: 06-02-2021

The Indian Railways services were shut down due to the lockdown in the previous year. This happens for the first time in the history of the Indian Railways. But now The Indian Railways going to improve its operating ratio. It will also create a balance between the expenditure and revenue...

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Railway Railways: Railway Budget has declared Rs. 5,528 crore for the Railway projects in Odisha.
Posted On: 05-02-2021

Railway has allocated Rs.5,528 crore for the Odisha state in the Railway Budget 2021-22. This money is 60% more than the previous Railway Budget. Indian Railways East Coast Railway zone has stated that the outlay of Rs.5,528 crore has been allocated to all the plans of Odisha. According to a...

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 Indian Railways: Railways has diverted Punjab mail from Rohtak to Rewari. 
Posted On: 04-02-2021

Ferozepur Mumbai Punjab mail has changed its route from Rohtak to Rewari and then to Mumbai due to stop farmers from reaching Delhi to attend the ongoing protests against the government. But Railways has said, "It is an operational necessity". Punjab mail travels to Mumbai via Delhi which is diverted...

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Indian Railways : Passengers of the Indian Railways now can enjoy food via Railway's e-catering facility
Posted On: 03-02-2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Indian Railways had stopped its e-catering services in the year 2020. Indian Railways had started the e-catering service in 2014. This service is also available on the website. There is also a 'Food on Track' app for this service. Railway ticketing arm Indian catering...

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Indian Railway Budget:  Linke Hofmann Busch(LHB) coaches will be introduced by the Indian Railways. 
Posted On: 02-02-2021

Union Budget 2021 was announced by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on 1st Feb 2021 (Monday). Indian Railways has got an annual budget of Rs 1,10,055 crore for the year 2021. Nirmala Sitharaman also announced that Vistadome Linke Hofmann Busch(LHB) coaches will be built in the Indian Railways. According to Railway...

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Indian Railways' capital expenditure budget at 64% of annual target at January-end.
Posted On: 01-02-2021

The director of transport, Jagannrayan Padmanabhan has said, "The increased expenditure budget will spend on the construction of the dedicated freight corridors and doubling of tracks and improvement in safety. The CAPEX may rise up to 8 to 10% over the last time". The Indian Railways is expecting a CAPEX...

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Indian Railway: Indian Railways has revealed a new helpline number for all the inquiries for the passengers.  
Posted On: 30-01-2021

A new helpline number 139 will now activate for the passengers of the Indian Railways. It will be convenient for the passengers. Now the Indian Railways passengers can get all the information from this helpline number. They will connect the passengers with Railways for all the needs during the travel....

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Maharashtra: Maharashtra government has given the orders for resuming Mumbai local trains for the public from 1st February with Covid 19 precautions guidelines. 
Posted On: 29-01-2021

There is good news for the public of Mumbai. Indian Railways has decided to restart the local trains from 1st February with Covid 19 Precautions guidelines. According to a PTI report, the Maharashtra government has given approval for the resumption of the local trains in Mumbai for the local...

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CSMT Railway Station: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Railway Station can now easily navigate by visually impaired passengers. 
Posted On: 28-01-2021

 Now the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Railway Station is now more useful for visually impaired people also. Indian Railways started braille signages at every location. This facility will help Visual impaired people to understand the information and find out the locations of various facilities at the railway station. Chhatrapati Shivaji...

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Indian Railways: New Railway station 'New Yog Nagri Rishikesh Station' has been built under the important char Dham project.
Posted On: 27-01-2021

For the devotees of the Char Dham, a new railway station 'New Yog Nagri Rishikesh Station' has been built under the char Dha project. That will be the most convenient and comfortable for the Char Dham pilgrims. Various facilities lift, ramps, escalators, etc has been build for the convenience of...

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Maha Kumbh: Indian Railways is going to start a special train between Puri and Rishikesh for the comfort of the devotees of the Maha Kumbh.
Posted On: 25-01-2021

Indian Railways is starting a special train between Puri and  Rishikesh for the convenience of the devotees. Puri-Yog Nagari Rishikesh, a special train will start from 27th January to 30th April 2021 on daily basis. This train will start from Puri. It will start from 30th January to 3rd May...

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Indian Railways: Indian Railways has decided to increase the speed of trains inside the range of the Rajaji Tiger Reserve. 
Posted On: 23-01-2021

Director of Rajaji Tiger Reserve, DK Singh decided not to increase the speed of trains more than 35 kmph inside the Rajaji Tiger Reserve to keep safe animals. Rajaji Tiger Reserve is located in Uttrakhand. On Thursday, Rajaji Tiger Reserve wrote to the Indian Railways to reconsider their decision to...

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Indian Railways: Piyush Goyal has signed a tender for 44 Vande Bharat express type trains in India.
Posted On: 22-01-2021

For the first time, the Railway ministry has finalized the tender for the design, development, integration, supply, and testing of IGBT-based 3-phase propulsion. These 44 rakes will be produced at three different branches of the Indian Railways. 24 trains will be manufactured at the Integral coach factory in Chennai. 10...

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Dedicated Freight Corridor: Indian Railways includes 340 km to 400 km of DFC by March in the Eastern and Western corridors.
Posted On: 21-01-2021

Piyush Goyal Says, "Indian Railways is going to add 340 km to 400 km of Dedicated Freight Corridor in the month of March this year". It will increase the speed and strengthening the logistics ecosystem. Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India is building the 1504 kilometer long western DFC and...

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Howrah-Kalka Mail: Indian Railways has changed the name of Howrah-Kalka Mail train to 'Netaji Express.
Posted On: 20-01-2021

Indian Railways has changed the name of Howrah-Kalka Mail train to 'Netaji Express' on the birth anniversary of the great freedom fighter 'Subash Chandra Bose' on 20th January 2021. Subash Chandra Bose was a great Indian freedom fighter. We got independence from the British rule with his efforts and movements....

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Janshatabdi Express:  A Vistadome coach has been built in the Janshatabdi Express for the first time in India.
Posted On: 19-01-2021

On Sunday, Indian Railways has started eight special trains from the different cities of the country to the Kevadia station. Kevadia is a city in the Narmada district in Gujarat. Here world's tallest statue of the world 'Statue of Unity' is built. In these eight trains, a special coach called...

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Kevadia Railway Station: The Indian Railways newly built railway station 'Kevadiya' becomes India's first Green Station.
Posted On: 18-01-2021

Now Indian Railways has connected the world's tallest statue 'Statue of Liberty' in Gujarat. Kevadia Railway Station has declared as India's first Green Station. This station gets the Green building certification. There are many LED lights as well as star rated branded electrical appliances are built to save electricity. A...

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RailRestro: RailResto will deliver quality food at the selected trains.
Posted On: 17-01-2021

RailRestro is an online service that will deliver quality food at the selected stations. Indian Ministry has allowed the e-catering service during the journey in the trains. RailRestro is an online quality food service provider in the trains. Indian Railways has done many developments for the many rail passengers in...

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Indian Railways: Trains will flag off to the Statue of Unity from Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Posted On: 16-01-2021

Indian Railways will start running trains from Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Mumbai to the statue of Unity. Passengers from Delhi and Mumbai can travel to the Statue of Unity. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the trains traveling to the statue of liberty from Delhi, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad by video conferencing....

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Indian Railways is charging extra fares from the public: Fake News! Here are the details.
Posted On: 14-01-2021

In the earlier days, it has been mentioned by the media that the Indian Railways is charging extra fares from the public. The Railways ministry has stated that this news is fake. This type of news has no fact. Indian Railways has operated the holiday special trains for the public...

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Bangalore Suburban Rail Project: Railway ministry has approved the construction of the Bengaluru Suburban Rail Project.
Posted On: 12-01-2021

In the month of October 2020, the Modi government has given the permission of Railways' proposal for the building of the Bengaluru Suburban Rail project. This project will make commuting easy and convenient. Piyush Goyal has recently looked into the project. He said to include the essential needs of the...

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Haridwar Kumbh Mela 2021: Special Trains will be started by the Indian Railways in the different parts of the country for Haridwar Kumbh Mela 2021.
Posted On: 11-01-2021

Special trains will be run from different routes by the Indian Railways for the Kumbh Mela to be held in Haridwar. The special trains will run between Howrah-Dehradun-Howrah via Haridwar, Howrah-Yoganagri Rishikesh-Howrah, Patna-Kota-Patna. Here is also the numbers of  Kumbh Mela special trains. Train number 02369/02370 Howrah-Dehradun-Howrah will run from...

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Indian Railways: Top 5 developments of Indian Railways in the year 2020.
Posted On: 10-01-2021

1. Dedicated freight corridor (DFC):- Indian Railways has created a dedicated Freight corridor. It will ensure faster and economical transportation of goods. Now freight trains will run on 40% of the dedicated freight corridor by next year. 
2. Govt. has created a dedicated freight corridor project at an overall...

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Kevadia Station inauguration: Kevadia Station in Gujarat is a newly built railway station. This station will be inaugurated by Narendra Modi on 16 January 2020. 
Posted On: 08-01-2021

Vijay Rupani, Chief Minister of Gujarat has said that the new Kevadia station is built near the Statue of Unity in the Narmada district in Gujarat. The railway line is connecting Vadodra with Kevadia. The inauguration of this newly built railway station will be inaugurated on 16th January 2020 by...

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Indian Railways: There is mega news regarding ticketing cancellation and fare refund in the Indian Railways.
Posted On: 07-01-2021

Indian Railways has taken a major decision regarding ticketing cancellation and fare refund. It will be done only for the regular trains. Those trains which will cancel by the Railways. On Thursday, the Railway ministry has stated that time limits are going to increase from six months to nine months...

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Indian Railway: The fare of the passengers trains in the Indian Railways is going to increase? Here's what the media said
Posted On: 06-01-2021

According to the Indian Railways, The reports given by the media have no facts. No proposal has made to increase the fare of passengers trains yet. The national transporter also said media to not publish such unfounded reports. The Indian Railways has stated that reports on the fare hike are...

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Indian Railways: The 156 years old iconic bridges of Indian Railways got destroyed.
Posted On: 05-01-2021

Bridge numbers 73 and 75 were made in the year 1864. Bridge number 73 is 1,430 meters long from Bhayander-Panju Isle in the district of Thane. Bridge number 75 is 550 meters long from Panju Isle-Naigon in the district of Palghar. North India's first railway station was made in the...

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Bengaluru:  Kempegowda International Airport Of Indian Railways is now opened for the people of Bengaluru from today. 
Posted On: 04-01-2021

There is good news for the citizens of Bengaluru. The Trains will operate from Bengaluru city station to the  Kempegowda International Airport. It will be easier and convenient for the people of Bengaluru to reach the airport. Chief Minister Of Karnataka has stated that the People of Bengaluru can take...

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Indian Railways: Indian Railways creates history by making records in locomotive production.
Posted On: 02-01-2021

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal creates history by making records in locomotive production. The Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW) has broken all the previous records in the manufacturing factory of Indian Railway. Chittranjan Locomotive produced 250 electric locomotives (WAG-9 HC, 33071) in 188 days. Despite the Pandemic situation, this is the big...

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Indian Railways: IRCTC improved the e-booking website which is launched by Piyush Goyal today at 12.00 noon.
Posted On: 31-12-2020

The Union Railway Minister Piyush  Goyal has launched the improved version of the website of IRCTC on (Thursday) 31st December 2020. On  25 December, Piyush Goyal had stated that IRCTC e-booking website must have all the features for the booking of tickets by the passengers. The work of the upgradation...

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New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi inaugurated Operation Control Centre of Eastern Dedicated Freight corridor on 29th December at 11.00 am.
Posted On: 30-12-2020

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi inaugurated Operation Control Centre of Eastern Dedicated Freight corridor on 29th December at 11.00 am.
  The Western Dedicated Freight corridor that is 1,504 km long is also under construction by the DFCCIL. This section will connect Dadri in Uttar Pradesh to Jawahar Lal...

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PM Narendra Modi will inaugurate Indian Railways' New Bhaupur - New Khurja section on the East dedicated Freight corridor tomorrow.
Posted On: 28-12-2020

According to a PTI report, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the New Bhaupur - New Khujra sections of Indian Railways' on the East dedicated freight corridor tomorrow. He will also inaugurate the Operation Control center of the EDFC at Prayagraj. The New Bhaupur-New Khurja section is 351 kilometers long...

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Indian Railways 2020: New experience faced by people of India as Railways closed its services due to coronavirus. 
Posted On: 26-12-2020

As the lockdown announced on 24th March 2020, The Railway closed its all services due to Coronavirus. People remained shocked across the country. This happened first time in the Railways' 167-year-old history. A number of tickets were canceled during the summer holidays due to lockdown. Railways are also the main...

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Delhi-Dehradun Journey: Indian Railways passengers enjoy the Delhi-Dehradun train journey.
Posted On: 25-12-2020

There is good news for travelers of Delhi to Dehradun stations. The frequency of trains between Delhi to Dehradun will increase. In this COVID-19 situation, the Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut-Saharanpur rail route will double, and this will not only decrease the travel time. this will put an end to the problem of trains...

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Darjeeling: Good news for tourists, Three days Darjeeling toy train ride service will resume between Darjeeling and Ghum railway station from 25th December. 
Posted On: 24-12-2020

Now, tourists can enjoy the scenic beauty of Darjeeling for three days from Christmas. The Northeast Frontier Railway zone has stated that famed toy train rides of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway will be started for three days from Christmas. According to Northeast Frontier, three daily ride train service will resume between...

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South Railways: Chennai local train will start travel during non-peak hours from 23 December.
Posted On: 23-12-2020

According to a press conference, South Railways allows the general public to travel during the non-peak hours in the Chennai suburban system. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal shared this news on Twitter. The Southern Railways also appealed to all the people to follow the Covid guidelines for the safety of the...

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Indian Railways: Due to the Corona Virus, 700 employs of Indian Railways have died in the last nine months.
Posted On: 22-12-2020

Railway Board Chairman has quoted in a report that 700 employees have died due to coronavirus. Around 30,000 employees have infected with the coronavirus. The employees who have died were working amid the general public to facilitate the running of trains during the pandemic.
In a press...

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Indian Railways: Kashmir will connect with the rest of India through the railways' network in Dec 2020.
Posted On: 16-12-2020

The project of linkage between Udhampur and Katra has been completed. The work on the railway line between Banihal and Baramulla has also been completed. Kashmir will connect with the rest of India through the railways' network in Dec 2020. This project is really very complicated. The railway line between...

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Cyber Security: To create cyber security in Indian Railways, the Government is going to select officers with technical aptitude. 
Posted On: 15-12-2020

 The cases of breaches in the ICT infrastructure in  Government sectors are increasing day by day. Indian Railways is going to select officers who will handle the Railway Ministry's Cybersecurity team. According to the general managers of the Railway  Ministry, It is very essential to secure the ICT infrastructure of...

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Mumbai: Indian Railways decided to allow people to travel by local trains after the new year and Christmas celebration
Posted On: 14-12-2020

Only a few categories of people are allowed to travel by local trains in Mumbai at present. But Indian Railways has stated that common people will also be allowed to travel by local trains after the New year and Christmas Celebrations. At the beginning of 2021, general people will be...

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Indian Railways: Rumours of unreserved tickets are quashed by Indian Railway, states trains to run on reservation only.
Posted On: 13-12-2020

On Sunday(December 13, 2020), Indian Railways stated that Media reports about issuance of unreseved tickets are fake. All trains are working on reservation only. In an official statement, the railways clarified, "Existing mail express special trains including festival and holiday special which is running on a fully reserved basis shall...

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Gujarat:The Billimora-Waghai train service comes to en end after 107 years.
Posted On: 12-12-2020

The Billimora-waghai train has five coaches and its fare is only Rs. 15. This train ran in South Gujarat for over a hundred years. This train completed its final journey. Ministry of Railways ordered the permanent closure of this train. The Billimora-Waghai train was started by the British in the year...

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Agra: Construction of 29 km Metro Rail Project is inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Posted On: 11-12-2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the construction of 8,379 crore Agra metro-rail. According to PM, Tourism will improve after the pandemic situation improves.

 There will be two corridors with a total length of 29 km. It will connect major tourist places such as Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Sikandra with railway...

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Kumbh Mela 2021 Haridwar: Indian Railways takes many steps for the followers of the Kumbh Mela.
Posted On: 10-12-2020

If you are planning to visit Haridwar for joining the Kumbh Mela 2021, you will be happy to know that our Hon’ble Railway Minister, Piyush Goyal is preparing a special arrangement for the fair. According to a report,  special arrangements are going on at various Railway...

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Bharat Bandh: The life of people of Bihar really affected as the railway tracks and roads were closed due to Bharat Bandh.
Posted On: 09-12-2020

The movement of goods and services was not allowed in the Patna. Police were deployed across Bihar. The supporters of “Bharat Bandh” teemed the Railway tracks, roads in the state. The flags were being carried by the supporters. The movement of Patna-Palamu Express was obstructed for several minutes as the...

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Maharashtra Government has issued some Covid related instructions for the Indian Railway Passengers.
Posted On: 08-12-2020

If you are planning to go to Maharashtra by train, then there are some instructions from the Maharashtra Railway Ministry. 1. All the passengers travelling to Maharashtra must have RT-PCR negative test report before entering Maharashtra. 2.RT-PCR test must also be done after the last 96 hours. 3. Passengers without...

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Indian railways will replace plastic cups with 'kulhad' (earthen cups) to save environment.
Posted On: 07-12-2020

On Sunday, an event was organized at the Digawara railway station in Rajasthan's Alwar district. There Our Hon'ble Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said, "Tea will be sold in 'kulhad' (earthen cups)in place of Plastic cups". It will the contribution of Railways to a plastic-free India. He also said that the...

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